Maker Directory

Below is the list of all approved traders for Minneapolis Craft Market. Check back often as new makers are added regularly. The lineup changes at each market and is a selection of those listed below. Subscribe to our events on Facebook for specific lineup information.

3 Jäg Design

A Dame Errant Pottery
Acme Project Shop

​Adorae Artworks
Adorn Jewelry
Amanda Dobbratz Ceramics
American Craftsmen

AnnMade in Minnesota

​August Fischer Makers
Awesome Industries

Ball of Fire
Bare Naked Soap Company

​Bella Mi'
Bozz Prints
Cabinet of Curious Clay
Capital b Printing
Cedar Fibers
City Stone Studio

​Curious Lines

Donna Menne Designs
Emily Madland Jewelry
Everthine Jewelry
Fair Anita
FOAT Design
Genevieve Ruebel
Gina Mount Jewelry

Gitchi Gami Body Co.

Goldfish Love Fibers

​Granite Designs by Kevin

​Homespun Artisan
Joeleen Torvick

​John's Custom Woods
K & E Wornson
LaLunette Jewelry
Larissa Loden
LaurenEricka Designs
Lion Heart Girl

​Little Bits Workshop
Little Wendy Bird

​Liv Handmade
Lolamade Monsters
MBMB // Made by Michelle Brusegaard
Melinda Wolff

Metro Mini

My Bit of Wonder
Nick Lundeen

​Nik J Designs

of Thread and Leather

Parlour Von Kopp
Paws Up Petgear


​Polished Podge and Viennitsy
Reflections of Asia
Regla De Oro - Art Gallery & Fair Trade Gifts
Samantha Longley Clay
Sideshow Gallery
Siren Superior Skin
Tandem Made
Teresa Audet Furniture Design
The Tin Owl, LLC
Thornfield Boutique
Tippy Maurant ~ Sustainable Jewelry Design
Vandalia Street Press
Vikse Designs
Whirls and Purls
Whitecap Creative
Wind and Willow Home